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Maurice E. J. Mason – From High School to Peacock Alley

Maurice Mason gave up Art and took up Photography when he was only fifteen years old, still in High School.

His Chemistry teacher brought his new camera to class, after just returning from vacation in the Bahamas. “My wife is mad at me because I spent too much of the vacation money on this camera” he said.

This initiated not just the “Birth” of the High School Camera Club, but the golden opportunity Maurice was dreaming of ever since he was four years old.

The next three years in High School saw Maurice shooting mainly schoolmates, some events, landscaping, buildings, and making very frequent trips to the Dark Room .

University was next. Although Maurice went to study Chemistry with the intention of taking a break from Photography, he changed his mind when one night during a formal dinner he saw a Photographer shooting pictures with a flash that used no bulb! The Photographer soon became Maurice’s instructor when he joined the University Camera Club. Maurice quickly learnt not only that his instructor was using an Electronic Flash, but how to photograph anything from a Mosquito to an Elephant!

One year later, Maurice was asked by a very close family friend to photograph her wedding in December of 1970. Whether he wanted to or not, Maurice had no choice. All twenty rolls of film shot at the wedding were processed in his mom’s kitchen!

And so, this was the “contraception” of Maurice Mason’s Photography! Since his debut, Maurice has never ever been invited to a wedding as a “Guest”. From the challenging experiences of shooting weddings for friends and relatives, Maurice Mason Photography was established in 1988 in Danbury, Connecticut.

Maurice considers himself as an artist with a camera, and does not consider Wedding Photography as work. Instead, he sees it as an opportunity to meet people, face new challenges, be creative, while telling the full story of the wedding day by capturing every moment possible.

Wedding Photography is about people and Photography. The Photographer needs both the interpersonal skills as well as the photography skills. He has to interact not only with the couple and their families, but with all the other professionals as well. On the other hand, he has to combine several categories of Photography into on big event. These categories include, Formal Portraiture, Fashion, Glamor, Photojournalism, Landscape, and Architectural Photography.

Over the years Maurice has acquired all of these skills as his hobby which started in the Chemistry Class slowly evolved into a business. Instead of a Paintbrush, Ink, and Charcoal, Maurice now uses, Medium Format Film, and High Resolution Digital Cameras. With these State of the Art Tools, along with his sense of humor, his relaxed and unobtrusive style, his knowledge and skill, Maurice makes Wedding Photography look like a “piece of Cake”.

Wedding Photography, like a successful marriage, requires commitment. As your Wedding Photographer, Maurice’s dedication and commitment will ensure that your special day goes by as smoothly as possible.

To all you engaged couples, “Congratulations on this great ,special and challenging day in your lives, and may God bless you both forever”

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