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Check List for Your Photographer

This is a useful Check List which you may want to discuss with your Photographer. Your Photographer, however, might not be able to take every photograph you selected owing to time limitations and subject availability.This list should be used as a guide as not all weddings are the same. Some couples will require less poses while other couples will require more poses.

__ Groom Alone
__ Groom and Best Man
__ Groom and Groomsmen
__ Groom with each Groomsman
__ Groom with Mother
__ Groom with father
__ Groom with both parents
__ Groom with brothers and Sisters
__ Groom with each brother and sister
__ Groom with parents, brothers and sisters

__ Mother/Maid of Honor adjusting veil
__ Bride putting on garter with bridesmaids looking on
__ Bride in dressing room with mirror
__ Corsage being pinned on mother
__ Corsage being pinned on father
__ Bride and mother
__ Bride and father
__ Bride with both parents
__ Bride with brothers and sisters
__ Bride with each brother and sister
__ Bride with parents, brothers, and sisters
__ Bride with each bridesmaid
__ Bride with all bridesmaid
__ Bride leaving the house.
__ Bride with mother, father by car

__ Groom alone 
__ Groom and best man
__ Groom with groomsmen
__ Groom with father and mother
__ Father helping bride from car
__ Groom’s mother escorted down aisle
__ Bride’s mother escorted down aisle
__ Grandparents escorted down aisle
__ Bride’s mother lighting candle
__ Groom’s mother lighting candle
__ Flower girl and ring bearer coming down aisle
__ Bridesmaids coming down aisle
__ Maid of honor coming down aisle
__ Bride and father/mother coming down aisle
__ Father giving away bride
__ Bride and groom exchanging vows
__ Bride and groom exchanging rings
__ Bride and groom lighting unity candle
__ Bride and groom kissing
__ Soloist and organist
__ Readers
__ Bride and groom coming up the aisle
__ Receiving line right after ceremony

__ Bride alone at altar
__ Groom alone at altar
__ Bride and groom at altar
__ Family photos at altar 
__ Wedding party at altar
__ Bride and bridesmaids at altar
__ Groom and groomsmen at altar
__ Bride and groomsmen at altar
__ Groom with bridesmaids at altar
__ Bride and groom on church steps
__ Bride and groom getting in car
__ Bride and groom in back seat of car

__ Bride and groom with all the parents
__ Bride and groom with groom's immediate family including spouses and children
__ Bride and groom with bride’s immediate family including spouses and children
__ Bride and groom with groom's parents
__ Bride and groom with bride’s parents
__ Bride and groom with grandparents
__ Bride and/or groom with special family members
__ Bride and groom with best man and maid of honor
__ Bride and groom with bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer
__ Bride with bridesmaids
__ Bride with groomsmen
__ Groom with groomsmen
__ Groom  with bridesmaids
__ Bride and groom

__ Receiving line (If not done at church)
__ Cake table with cake
__ Guest book
__ Gift table
__ Introduction of parents , grandparents, and wedding party
__ Bride and groom’s first dance
__ Parents, wedding party dancing
__ Best man  toasting
__ Bride and groom at head  table
__ Parent’s table
__ Table shots
__ Bride and groom cutting cake
__ Bride and groom feeding each other
__ Bride and father dancing
__ Groom and mother dancing
__ Guest dancing 
__ General  Candids of guests 
__ Throwing and catching bouquet
__ Groom taking off garter
__ Throwing and catching the garter
__ Bride and groom with the recipients of the bouquet and garter
__ Bride and groom leaving in car